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who we are

NEVEON SA is part of  NEVEON. NEVEON SA manufacture high-end polyurethane foam for the bedding, furniture and other industries in South Africa and neighbouring countries. Our products can be made to a wide variety of specifications, and are available in a broad range of densities. See our foam range for details.

What we

stand for


Our vision is our north star.

It ensures that we always have our goal clearly in mind and shows us the way.


Our values define how we walk the path.

They determine who we are and form the driving force behind our actions.

A foam company

with vision

We are the world’s leading integrated foam company. Our unique status is defined by our technologies, our manufacturing footprint, our commitment to sustainability and our capacity to fulfil the most complex demands. We are passionate about providing a superior customer experience through innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

foam blocks

A foam company

with values

History &


NEVEON SA is part of NEVEON  – a global leading integrated foam company.

Through our partnership with Neveon International, Europe’s leading foam manufacturer, we have access to industry-leading knowledge, techniques and equipment. This, coupled with our experience in the local market and passion for meeting the needs of our customers, sets us apart from our competitors.

Our state of the art, European-built equipment allows us to produce top-quality foam that can be moulded and cut to meet any reasonable customer requirement.